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   I am primarily a 3D digital artist but I find myself working in 2D digital mediums as well. The two are by no means mutually exclusive. In fact, I believe it is important to consider how the two are related to each other at various steps along the production path of any digital media. My passions are animation and design. My interest in the arts started further back than I can remember, but the most distinct memories are watching cartoons and admiring the colorful characters and how they interact with each other, and it was these instances that kept me interested in art. It was at some point in high school that I realized I wanted to learn animation, but in the absence of animation software or hardware that could run it, I spent a lot of time designing and drawing characters. As I went through college I retained a passion in both and learned how to incorporate aspects of other disciplines into my own work as well as how my work relates to other disciplines.

   When it comes to composition, my forte is shape language. I find that balance, proportion, and unity are the key pillars of my designs be it character work or environmental pieces, and it is these pillars that influence what shapes I use in their design. Shape language has an indomitable, albeit subconscious, effect on how elements are perceived and the emotions they elicit. It is also integral to animation, although it takes on somewhat different forms. Everything from the cadence of a character’s steps to the demeanor of their posture and the changes therein shape the emotional response they elicit and the messages they convey. When I choose which design elements to implement in my work, I carefully consider the emotional weight of the shapes I use and how their proportions to each other creates a sense of balance that unifies the whole piece.

   It is my belief that at its core, art is a form of communication, and it is for this purpose that I make art. Be it a character, an environment, or simply a visual pattern, there is some desired response from the audience. At times I want to tell a story, and at others I want to evoke an emotion. Many of the characters I have made are embodiments of a simple concept, and others are a parable for a specific belief. Whatever the subject I am trying to communicate, what is most important part for me is that it means something to the audience.

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